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Victims of Crime
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What can I do if I'm being stalked?

  • If you know who the offender is, apply to the court for a restraining order.

  • Report any intimidation or stalking behaviour, property damage or assault to police. Take photographs of damage or injuries as a permanent record. If assaulted, obtain medical attention. This evidence may be used in any legal proceedings.

  • Keep a diary of any significant event including dates/times of any telephone calls received and if possible, record the caller on tape for evidence. Save messages on an answering machine.

  • Keep any gifts, letters, cards, or emails received. Handle gifts, letters and cards as little as possible and place in a bag, as forensic evidence may be collected later (eg fingerprints).

  • If a vehicle is continually parked outside your home or workplace, take a photo/video of it if possible. Note the registration plate, car make and colour.

  • Keep a record of the names and addresses of witnesses to the offender's actions

  • Keep a record of the contact numbers and names of people that you have reported the incident to or sought help from (eg friends, police, court staff, doctors).

Information required by police

Police will require the facts and any proof of stalking or intimidation that you have been subject to. To support your complaint, have the following information with you when reporting the matter to police:

  • Advise police of the nature of the relationship you have had with the offender, if any.

  • Advise if there is or has been any current or past restraining orders or Family Court orders in place involving the offender. Show the order to police - they may wish to make a copy for their file.

  • Take your diary with the records of dates and times of all sightings, telephone conversations, including taped conversations and videos; and names/addresses of witnesses. If possible, include a photo of the offender.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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