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Victims of Crime
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Not guilty

If the jury's verdict is 'not guilty', the accused is said to have been acquitted and is usually free to leave the court.

Victim Support Services will still provide you with assistance, support and services such as a court debrief, information, referrals and safety planning.

Sometimes, the accused is found ‘not guilty’ not because the judge, magistrate or jury didn't believe the victim, but rather the evidence presented by the prosecution did not prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

No court costs are incurred by the victim. In criminal matters, it is always the State versus the accused. The victim is a witness and therefore does not pay any costs.

If the accused was not previously being held on remand, then if they are found ‘not guilty’, they are free to leave.  If they were on remand they would either have to be processed by the court security (if on bail), or returned to the prison/detention centre previously held at to be processed and released.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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